The Best Music Streaming Service Overall

The modern music market offers music lovers up to one thousand music streaming services. Of course, not all of them are equal. Some are known only within one country, while others are known all over the world.

But how do you decide and subscribe to the music streaming service that suits you best? Currently, the best way to listen to your favorite songs, both old and new, is by far the streaming service. But among so many offerings, prices, and features, which one stands out? We will talk about what is the best music streaming we have in 2022.

Best Music Streaming Service Overall

When we talk about any streaming service, we mean that this platform will offer a catalog of what can be consumed online and sometimes even offline. In this case, we are talking about music streaming services, that is, programs or applications that stream music.

The way to listen to music a few years ago was to buy CDs and play them on a player like a CD player, stereo or DVD, and this ended up taking up some physical space. In pursuit of the convenience that the Internet provides, you can now simply subscribe to one of the available streaming services and enjoy all the artistic material of your favorite singers, bands or ensembles.

Spotify is already present in the lives of many people around the world these days. Officially launched in 2008, Spotify offers a catalog full of options in every possible genre, with some 75 million songs.

Spotify’s interface, both for desktop and mobile app, can be a little confusing at first, but as you use it, it eventually adapts. When you find a song you like, you can click on the heart next to the song’s name, and by doing so, you will save this track as one of your favorite songs.

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Another really cool thing that Spotify offers is your profile retrospective. Every year, the app collects some very interesting statistics about what was most listened to on your profile: what track was played most often, what album was most listened to, what artist was most listened to, etc.

For those more zealous about the quality of the songs or podcasts they play, Spotify offers a satisfying quality without being a bad experience for those who listen – and even those who are more strict about it don’t feel much of a difference. Free accounts play in the browser at 128 kbps, low quality at 24 kbps, normal quality at 96 kbps, and high quality at 160 kbps. For Premium accounts, the platform offers 256 kbps in the browser, low quality 24 kbps, normal quality 96 kbps, high quality 160 kbps, and very high quality 320 kbps. That is, the higher the number of kbps, the better the quality of the reproduced sound. Keeping in mind that the quality is determined by the user in the application settings.

You can use Spotify for free. In this mode, you can enjoy songs, create playlists, and listen to podcasts as normal, but ads will play between songs and you will have a daily limit on skipping tracks.

As the most popular streaming service today, Spotify has many connectivity options across devices and third-party apps. For example, if you want to post to Instagram Stories that you’re listening to music, just open the app on your smartphone, tap on the three dots, “Share” and select the Instagram icon. Other devices, such as the Apple Watch, already have Spotify natively, offering the user more practicality, not to mention the high integration that Spotify has with these other resources.

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