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The Best music streaming service

So far Spotify has been the best music streaming service, although its competitors are not that much behind.

As more and more listeners are stepping away from the physical recording favoring online music libraries, different streaming services have been popping up, each with a varied amount of songs, quirks and features. Never the less, only a few could get into the list of being the very best music streaming service.

Before presenting the best music services, we have spent some time to check all the details and pick up top five streaming services for different types of listeners. At a glance, here are the top five music streaming services, whether it is the best-performing music discovery, audio resolution, streaming radio you have been looking for.

At a quick glance: The best music streaming service

  1. SpotifyBest music streaming service overall in terms of audio quality, with more than 65 million paid subscriptions across the world
  2. Apple Music– Best music streaming service for the Apple users
  3. Pandora– When it comes to passive listening, Pandora should be your catch.
  4. Soundcloud– If you are on to Indie music discovery, Soundcloud should match your demands
  5. Tidal– If you are looking for the best fidelity, Tidal could be your grab.

Spotify- the best

Spotify is the best music discovery platform you are ever going to find, as it has a huge catalogue and it also provides lossless listening experience. Spotify is completely free to use with advertisements, while for ad-free single users, it would cost around $9.99/ month. Spotify has also a family just like everybody else in the music streaming industry and it costs $14.99/month for up to six users.

Apple Music- best for the Apple users

In order to integrate all of your musical stuffs, there is no alternative an Apple Music subscription for an Apple user. If you are a lover of iTunes, in particular Apple music streaming platform and hard-curated live radio, you should pick Apple Music. Apple Music costs as same as Spotify.

Pandora- best for passive listening

If you are on to press play and walk away, doing all of your stuffs, music playing at the background, Pandora could be highly effective.

As beforementioned, the Soundcloud is the best for the indie music lovers, while Tidal offers the best fidelity.

Never the less, if you are having more than one music streaming provider’s subscription and in need of transferring music and playlist from one streaming service to another, MusConv should be an outstanding tool to look into.

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