The Cheapest Way To Get Spotify

Subscriptions have long been a habit for most of us. Every month we deduct significant amounts to pay for access to services that are important to us. Despite the fact that these are mostly audio and video services, for many of us it is not enough to have a subscription to only one or two. Therefore, we issue several subscriptions at once and spend even more for these purposes than for paying for the Internet. But how else, if you want to receive high-quality content without ads and failures? Probably not. But it is not necessary to pay for a subscription at full price, especially if there is an opportunity to save a lot.

This is exactly the case with a premium subscription to the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. Users like the extensive range of the Swedish audio service, a convenient and intuitive interface and, of course, an advanced recommendation system. The price of a subscription largely depends on the region of the world and on the country in which a new user lives or subscribes to a premium subscription. On the last point, I want to especially focus on.

The fact is that Spotify has a very flexible tariff policy. In regions and countries with low incomes, the price of the service will also be lower, respectively. As well as in more economically prosperous countries of the world, the cost of a subscription will be higher.

If you want to save money on a monthly Spotify subscription, then you will need to register a new account in India. It is in this country that the cost of the Swedish music streaming service is the lowest. It’s only $1.59 per month. For comparison, in the United States, the cost of such an account would be $9.99.

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To register an account in India, you will need a VPN service, it is desirable that it be out-of-browser. Launch it and connect to any of the free Indian servers. Launch Spotify and click Subscribe Premium. In the window that opens, click Change country and select India.

You only need to use an Indian VPN once, at the time of signing up. The service needs to be made clear that you are really geographically located in India and can qualify for a reduced rate. After the successful completion of the registration and payment manipulations, you can safely turn off the VPN and use the service without any restrictions. The main thing is not to disable auto-renewal of the subscription in the settings, although such an option is provided. Because otherwise you will have to carry out all the manipulations again.

You can link to payment a bank card issued by any country. The main thing is that it belongs to one of the international payment systems. Yes, of course, you will see the cost of the service in Indian rupees. Payment will be made by automatic conversion in rupees.

This is probably not a completely honest way, because the Indian tariff of Spotify is several times cheaper than the American one. But since you’ve chosen the honest way to pay for access to streaming services, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little. After all, if Spotify didn’t like it, the service developers could block this possibility – they have the necessary tools.

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