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The cult French duet declared the leaving

Nearly 30 years of joint activity later the cult French Daft Punk duet declared the leaving from a scene. In the eight-minute roller accompanying the announcement of the end of joint operation, two robots – also known as Thomas Bangalter and de Homem-Cristo – enter the desert, but only one survives. In a shot from their movie «Elektroma» of 2006 Bangalter asks that his friend put the self-destruction mechanism in action, and immediately carries it into smithereens. Strangely enough, it is beautiful when the creative partnership constructed on bromance comes to an end with such destructive image.

For 28 years of Daft Punk released four albums – from a revolutionary album «Homework» in 1997 to disco flight «Random Access Memories» in 2013, shot several own films, worked on online travel. «Memoirs with random access» were widely recognized them by the greatest work and now are their drama final, their love for electronics, fate, a bottom and disco leads to really mad trip.

Pair got acquainted at school in Paris in 1987, united by the general love for guitar music. Further they paid the attention to electronic music and in the next years released a small amount of singles. After work on the Scottish indi-label of Soma, pair eventually decided to work together with Virgin Records.

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It was also an era when they accepted a cult image of robots – until then they played with a set of more reserved masks. The duet claimed that reset became result of the studio «explosion» which turned them into robots, and smooth helmets turned two average French guys into intergalactic rave masters. The few actors were convinced of correctness of the chosen style therefore not everyone finished business with such conviction.

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