The Five Best AI Songwriting Services

Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable assistant to man and serves him in many industries. In particular, artificial intelligence algorithms are actively used in music production.

Artificial intelligence technology is actively influencing all links in the production chain of musical compositions. Artificial intelligence is actively used in the streaming broadcast of music, it is used by music streaming services more actively every day. For example, the most famous music streaming services in the world of music, which are leaders in the race for user likes, are actively implementing artificial intelligence algorithms.

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There are many specialized services that are designed to produce music with their help. We will introduce you to some of them, choosing, from our point of view, the five most acceptable options.

  1. Amper Music in the circles of composers, both professional and beginners, is considered to be perhaps the most popular such service. Its feature is the massive use of special effects when creating musical compositions. If you want to get something extravagant as a result of your work, then Amper Music should be your right choice in this case.
  2. AIVA is a specialized service that can produce music using artificial intelligence. Ideal for creating soundtracks, music for popular video games, arrangements for cartoons, anime and so on. This is a very handy tool that is very popular in film production.
  3. Amadeus Code also belongs to the category of services that use elements of artificial intelligence in their work. He appeared on the music market in 2016, after which he immediately attracted the attention of figures in the music industry. This service introduces the latest innovations, and the set of musical effects is constantly updated. This makes it possible to create music in a variety of genres and styles.
  4. OpenAI is another representative of services for creating music using artificial intelligence. This platform is distinguished by the fact that it can safely be called universal, because it can be used with almost all operating systems. Users make a minimum of effort when installing and configuring the program. The use of neural networks in the work of OpenAI allows you to compose musical compositions in a variety of genres and styles.
  5. Soundraw is also an AI music creation service. It appeared on the market quite recently, in 2020. Although, by the standards of the speed of technology development, this can already be considered a fairly long time. This service is characterized not only by a huge number of special effects that are used when creating music, but also contains almost all currently known musical instruments in its functions. That is why Soundraw is so popular among those who are busy creating music.

So, we introduced the five most popular programs for creating music based on artificial intelligence. They are very similar in many ways. The fundamental difference between such services lies in the fact that some use machine learning algorithms, with the help of which fundamentally new musical works are created. And others try to copy the style of various famous composers as much as possible, which also has its effect and sometimes gives very unexpected results.

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