The inventor of the compact cassette passed away

This March, at the age of 94, Lou Ottens, an ingenious inventor and engineer who for many years headed the various areas of the Phillips Corporation, died.

Probably, children of the 2010s no longer remember compact cassettes for tape recorders. But older music lovers remember these devices perfectly.

Shades and his team from Royal Philips in Belgium introduced a revolutionary new device in 1963, just for one of the greatest musical periods in Western history – this was the year The Beatles released first album, Please Me. The CD just turned the music world. She made mobile music available. Now with the help of CDs it was possible to listen to music on the way in a car, at a picnic, in nature.

Lou Ottens

In addition, the invention of the compact cassette gave impetus to the invention of the cassette recorder, which became the progenitor of modern music complexes. If there wasn’t a tape, there probably wouldn’t be an SD. The CD-tape gave a huge impetus to the development of the entire world music industry as a whole.

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By the way, cassettes are still being released. It may seem somewhat strange, but there are many people in the world who still use audio tapes to listen to music. Perhaps this is a retro tribute, as well as vintage vinyl records today.

Perhaps people see value in remembering the past. Perhaps they still remember well the disappointment that they felt in childhood, rewinding tapes, cutting out, editing and recording music on the only remaining empty tape. True, it really seems a little more creative than creating a playlist on Spotify.

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