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The Kazakhstan railroader became a world star

If someone is interested in results of the award Grammy, music or in general precisely familiar name of Imanbek Zeykenov just comes into social networks, then to him.

This guy from Kazakhstan won in the main musical award of the world, having made a hit remix. He composed it somewhere in the Kazakhstan remote place, in a break between work and study. Today all fans of music speak about this Kazakh nugget.

Imanbek Zeykenov

This tall tale of success originates in 2016 when the fashionable Brooklyn rapper released the track «Roses». It was very stylish and at the same time gloomy clip for club or listening driving the car. The track didn’t make itself a hit, and his author didn’t leave in the superstar. But the track sank into the soul to the ordinary Kazakhstan fellow Imanbek who hardly celebrated majority and dreamed big show business.

The young railroader is from small even by the standards of Kazakhstan the cities of Aksu. Music was his main hobby still since childhood, and having mastered the Internet and special programs editors, the guy tried also writing of a remix.

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In 2019 Imanbek made a mix on one of the most favourite tracks «Roses», having posted him in the group on the social network. There his version was noticed by couple of dozen people who entered a circle of his friends. But the remix estimated one popular label where decided to help the young man with advance, having suspected a potential hit of a remix. Efforts of producers and will of a case the track was heard by foreign users, he got to rotation of radio stations and then became virus.

The remix was looked today by more than 145 million users. The nomination on the main award for the musician worldwide – the Аward Grammy which Imanbek successfully subdued became the main achievement of the Kazakhstan star. He became the first actor from the former Soviet Union who won the Gold Record player.

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