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The legend of Jamaican reggae Bunny Whaler, co-founder of The Wailers, passed away

Bunny Whaler, who was a childhood friend of Bob Marley, died on Tuesday on the island of Jamaica. He was the last surviving member of Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Bunny Whaler died this Tuesday, March 2, at 73 in Kingston. The reggae star died in the hospital, where he spent a lot of time after a second stroke last July.

Bunny Whaler was born in 1947 in northern Jamaica. There, as a childhood, he met Bob Marley, with whom they were connected by strong friendship. Later, his father will become the roommate of Bob Marley’s mother. They will move to Trench Town, a Kingston neighborhood, where they will be influenced by a meeting with Joe Higgs, whom many consider the father of reggae. He will inspire them to create the first trio with Peter Tosh.

The group changed its name several times before releasing  first album, The Wailing Wailers, in 1965. It will mark the appearance of sound with a devilish rhythm, a mixture of true American music with Jamaican culture.

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A charismatic character, always wearing a beard and hat, a follower of the principles of the Rastafari religious movement, Bunny Wailer played a decisive role in the development of this musical direction.

«We lost the icon», said Herbie Harris, frontman of the popular Jamaican reggae band ATF Band, with great regret.

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