The most famous English songs in the history of music

Actually, today it is difficult to define what of all popular songs in English became the most known and popular in the world. This parameter can be determined by the number of sales or the number of listenings on musical stream services, on spectator sympathies or by quantity of the international musical awards.

If to consider a pedestal of a musical Olympus through a prism of all these factors, then in the first place there will be a world famous song of The Beatles – «Yesterday» group. It is classics which is eternal. This song was broadcast on radio by more than 7 million times, and still nobody could exceed her sales. The single in a row became many years the winner of national and international charts of the United States of America, Australia and, of course, Great Britain where he also was given birth by Paul McCartney in 1965 far already. «Yesterday» was called by the best song of the last century. This song of 11 weeks held on at the head of Billboard Hot-100 chart, on her 665 cover versions are written down.

In English it is possible to carry to number of the most known compositions undoubtedly and the single The Beatles – «Imagine». If to trust experts of the world musical market, then this song ranked second the priest of popularity in the English-speaking countries and around the world.

These songs sounded at opening of several Olympic Games, and «Imagine» regularly sounds in several minutes before New year in New York to Times Square.

A little behind cult British group The Rolling Stones with several world famous hits were located. The king of rock’n’roll Elvis Presley closes three leading in popularity English-speaking performers.

After him there is a composition of «Bridge Over Troubled Water» of the American Simon & Garfunkel duet, the hit «Rolling In The Deep» of the British singer of Adele closes top five.

Further it is necessary to tell about once megapopular English-speaking ABBA groups and Voney-M which in 70-80 years of the last century sold the vinyl records in tens and hundreds of millions. It is necessary to mention also Moder Talking. This group was surprisingly productive, having released a huge number of albums and even remixes on own compositions. In spite of the fact that Thomas Anders and Dieter Bolen by origin Germans, they created unique collective which won hearts of listeners. All songs of this group were sung in English.

Leadership of «Yesterday» became for many fans of music a frank surprise. They didn’t expect that the song written in 1965 will be able to be the leader of listenings in a year 2021.

The rating was on the basis of the special index considering positions of songs in a chart of Billboard Hot-100, sale of singles and number of the written-down cover versions.

Musical stream services which are in the lead in the world market of a musical streaming today have the version of the best songs in English for all history. But their statistics is more relevant if to consider it only in relation to today. They consider the number of streams of any given composition and, according to this information, calculate popularity rating.

Of course, today there are a lot of popular songs which are sung by stars of a rap or pop music. It is simply impossible to list all hits.

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But statistics and opinions of musical experts agree that meanwhile legends of English-speaking music remain leaders of listenings and sales. In the world ranking of popularity the undoubted leadership of English-speaking performers is also observed. English, actually, can be considered today as full-fledged language of the international communication. For this reason even performers from the countries of Asia – Koreas, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others try to sing songs in English. Only this language, according to them, will be able to bring them world fame.

If somebody wants to listen to world hits in English, then it is for this purpose rather simple to make the corresponding request on the Internet. And will provide to the user the complete list of the most popular English-language songs and performers in the history of music.

Of course, it is possible to speak about all history of music in this case only with a certain reservation. It is only about some period within 50-100 years throughout which it is possible to receive any, at least relative, statistics on parameters of popularity of any given musical composition.

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