The Most Iconic Artists In The Super Bowl

The halftime show offered legendary and memorable presentations in which numerous artists were able to express their talent, charisma and ability to entertain the audience. The Super Bowl has become a truly global sporting event. At the same time, its sporting value is approximately equal to the value of a musical one, since this event is usually accompanied by the brightest world-class artists.

For Americans, the Super Bowl is the sporting event of the year. However, for the rest of the world, the focus is on the music show that takes place at halftime. The artist chosen for the big moment is always under pressure to put on a great show that will grab the attention of not only the crowd that fills the stadium, but also the millions of people who follow the event on TV around the world.

Whether male or female, the stars put their energy not only into the staging and music, but also into their outfits. From the controversial 40000-feather Versace jacket that Jennifer Lopez wore in 2020 to the skintight leather suit that revealed Rihanna’s second pregnancy, we take a look at some of the most iconic looks from the Super Bowl.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have joined as the protagonists of a funny commercial for the broadcast of the NFL Grand Finals, which, in addition to sports, is also an event for the entertainment and advertising industry.

The 2023 Super Bowl was held in Arizona this year, and millions of viewers saw Rihanna play and perform at halftime. However, other celebrities also starred in some of the broadcast’s most memorable moments. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, now a couple, greeted the biggest world-class sporting event in the NFL Grand Finals with numerous fans as the protagonists of one of the broadcast’s already famous commercials.

The ads that appear on the Super Bowl broadcast are the most expensive in the world due to the large number of viewers who tune into them. This year, 30-second commercials will cost $7 million each. So, this is not only the most important sporting event in the United States, but also an event of great importance for artists and marketers who get the maximum profit from advertising.

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