The most popular free stream music service

The modern global market for music streaming service is developing at an incredibly high pace. Almost all countries are covered by streaming services, which are the leaders of the global streaming market. But the services of these services are far from the same, and not every user has the opportunity to sign up for a paid subscription to music streaming. Therefore, many have the question of which is the best and, in addition, free.

Most streaming music services have free versions. Of course, their functionality is much smaller than when issuing a paid subscription. The leader of the world market today is the Swedish streaming service Spotify. He appeared in 2007 a goal in Sweden and today can be considered the most popular. Its active users are more than 350 million people. More than 160 million of them have a paid premium subscription. The service is fully operational in almost 200 countries of the world on all continents. In 2020 alone, the geography of its distribution expanded by a third.


Spotify can be proud of the colossal music library. It exceeds 70 million tracks. In the media library of the service you can find almost any tracks. The national segment is well developed in it. The developers took care of the advanced algorithms of musical prompts to users. They work on the basis of the search queries of this user on this service and the history of his listenings. The system provides tips and ready-made playlists.

Unlike many streaming services, the free version of Spotify works on an ongoing basis, and not for a certain period of time. In the free version, some options are not available to users. For example, you cannot download tracks and then listen from without an Internet connection. The user of the free version will be periodically annoyed by the ad. Track scrolling is also not available to him.

But the lack of a paid subscription will in no way affect the quality of the music played.

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Spotify is also interesting in that it works very closely with musicians and songwriters who post their content on it. This means that the most recent novelties of the musical world become available to the user and he will always be on the crest of the wave of musical fashion.

The Swedish streaming service interface is simple and intuitive. Even a novice user can understand it, as well as find music suitable for tastes.

The cost of a paid subscription largely depends on the region of the world. For example, in Denmark, a premium subscription will cost three times more than in India and Bangladesh. The service administration implements a flexible tariff policy that takes into account the solvency of potential users in a particular country in the world.

A feature of Spotify can be considered its availability and lack of various restrictions. The use of this service will absolutely not affect the thickness of the user’s wallet. In addition, the free version of the application, which is used by half of its listeners, is not created as a bait for issuing a paid subscription. This is not a trial or promotion. This is a full-fledged streaming music service, which can be used absolutely free of charge in almost any corner of the world.

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