The Most Popular Song Right Now (2022)?

For a music fan, information about the latest music releases and the most popular tracks is always valuable. But the question is – where can I find the most up-to-date information?

We can recommend referring to the TOP 100 list on the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. Why? The answer is simple – this platform is the leader of the global music streaming market and largely determines the music fashion around the world. This popular streaming service owns about 40% of the entire streaming industry in the music business. Of course, experts’ assessments differ somewhat, but everyone agrees that Spotify has a market share of 36 to 44 percent. And this, in turn, means that every third or even second music stream in the world is hosted by the Swedish streaming service.

If we talk about the spring of 2022, then on the top line of the musical podium is Ed Sheeran with his world-famous hit Shape of You.

This song by a popular artist was posted on the streaming platform in early 2020. And over the past period, this song has become not just viral, but topped the Spotify top list, which in itself is very prestigious.

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It should be noted that all the generated profits of the entire music business in the world are heavily dependent on music streaming services, which generate four-fifths of it.

The Swedish music streaming service is well suited to be a trendsetter in the music world. Therefore, the TOP-100 on this streaming platform will be a reflection of the real situation that is developing in the music industry at one time or another.

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