The new single of the pop group «Pinoy SB19» – «Go Up» was released

«SB19» – a group whose members have Korean appearance, but they sing both in Filipino and in several other languages.

This is the band’s second single after «Tilaluha», which immediately resonated with their fans and Filipinos. The group is trained by Korean music management, whose songs are mixed with Pinoy songs and KPop performances. But, despite being run by a Korean company, the group wants to be more dominant and show Filipinos a South Korean culture that many will probably like.

Pinoy SB19

Group works in South Korea and is run by a Korean entertainment company.

The South Korean group focuses precisely on performances outside the borders of homeland, popularizing Korean culture. Singers are greatly helped by their knowledge of the Philippine language, as well as several more languages ​of neighboring countries.

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The band’s debut album was released in 2020. It was called «Get In The Zone».

On March 9, it was planned to perform the group live, however, it did not take place. Before the performance, the group members passed tests for coronavirus, and here one of the participants turned out to be, unfortunately, positive. The name of this artist is kept secret. Therefore, the full group is so far on a two-week quarantine. A new date for the concert is planned and will be announced in the near future.

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