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«The Panturas» released a new music video

The Indonesian rock band «The Panturas» presented a new video for last single, Tafsir Mistik. The song immediately appeared on the main world music streaming services.

It should be said that the single will be the announcement of a new full-length album of the Indonesian group, which does not yet have a name, but a preliminary release date is already scheduled for May or June 2021.

The Panturas

The video for this song, which just appeared on the Internet, is a tribute to classic horror films, the main characters of which were vampires. The video refers the viewer to the ancient Indonesian legend of a vampire-woman who attacked the remote Indonesian village of Priangan. Legend has it that this did not happen very long ago – in an era when Indonesia had already become an independent state. This happened after the end of World War II.

Vocalist and guitarist of the Indonesian band Acin said that he was inspired by the work of Django Reinhardt. This is an outstanding French guitarist who operated during the Second World War.

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According to the member of the group, the meaning of the clip is much deeper and not everyone will be able to understand it. The subtext of the clip revolts against the harassment of musicians on social networks and the unscrupularity of many post authors, who are confident that their idealism is the truth in the last instance.

The Panturas debuted with the full-length studio album «Mabuk Laut» in 2018. Although she began creative biography two years earlier.

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