The Personal Life Of Peter Davidson

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (2018). The comedian’s longest and brightest novel. It was in this relationship that the term “big dick energy” was born, and many memes of Grande looking at her lover like a March cat. She wrote lyrics to him, dedicated songs and literally hung around his neck when they walked the red carpet together. The relationship even reached the engagement, but it was eventually terminated, as Pete himself assures, due to the obsessive attention from the paparazzi, which he could not stand. After the breakup, Davidson behaved rather like a bestial, humiliatingly and viciously ridiculing his ex-lover on one of the shows. However, the singer did not honor the former with an answer.

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale (2019). Despite the 20-year age difference, the stars officially met for 4 months. They met at the after-party of the Golden Globes, from where they left together that same evening. Then the tabloids of the whole world rejoiced when the couple, not at all embarrassed by the cameras, appeared at a hockey game in New York. The feeling that the guys never watched the game, because they kissed and hugged all the time. However, the idyll was soon broken: after only 3 months, the couple broke up. They say that this time the actress could not stand it, the attention to Pete was too close.

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber (early 2020). And again, our hero-lover did not get dusty alone, almost immediately having an affair with Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber. Moreover, the girl turned out to be the only passion in the comedian’s track record, who was younger than him (at the time they met, she was only 18). The couple was together for 3 months. At that time, Davidson was in a depressed mental state and was thinking of seeking help from specialists, and Kaya’s parents flatly refused to accept their daughter’s choice. The break was inevitable.

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Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dinevor (March 2021). After a rather long break in the series of stellar companions, Pete is back in the game again – this time on the arm with the hottest bachelorette of the season, the star of the series “Bridgerton” Phoebe Dinevor. Relations developed rapidly and in front of everyone: pair exits, frank kisses in public and even joint selfies. But a couple of months after the release of The Bridgertons, the fame of the actress began to fade a little, and with it the interest from the windy boyfriend. So the stars did not last even six months together.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian (started November 2021). You already know everything about this couple, because only the lazy do not talk about them now. The first joint photos of the stars appeared in the press a few months ago and immediately made a lot of noise. True, many suspect that the suddenly flared romance between Kim and Pete (who have an 11-year age difference) is nothing more than a cunning move by Kris Jenner, a momager, who thus tried to divert attention from the tragedy that happened at the Travis Scott concert.

Well, let’s wait – we’ll surprise, but the statistics of the comedian’s previous novels indicate that these relationships are unlikely to be long-playing. The reputation of the Hollywood Don Juan is firmly stuck to Peter Davidson. It was his whirlwind romances with Hollywood stars that became the engine of his meteoric career in the first place.

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