The Role of Music In Games – Setting the Scene and More

Music is a big part of almost every media type. Academy Awards for Best Score prove that there is a lot of interest in this field, and that audio can become a huge part of the way movies work – this extends to games. Already, you might be thinking of some iconic soundtracks.

Tetris was an example of an earworm soundtrack that became huge and people can still hum it today. Even when we had super simple games, it was still important – music is an integral part of game design that deeply influences how players perceive and interact with virtual worlds (even if the game is just a blocky puzzle).

Casino Games – Setting the Theme

Sound in video games is a great tool for establishing the overall mood and atmosphere. Soundtracks and scores can make a significant difference in how a player feels while playing and they also set themes for the games. Consider the places where you can play a huge number of games, like casinos.

Casino sites have an unreal number of options these days. New slot games and other casino games are being developed all the time and launched virtually weekly. A lot of the best gambling sites with numerous games offer games with specific themes.

Pirate themes and horror themes are examples of some growing games that are found on slot sites, so the soundtracks are likely to have a certain sound. Sea shanties might be the influence for a pirate-themed game, for instance. Table games also have their own soundtracks and these often make players feel like they’re in a casino, some have a jazzy theme.

Stunning Scores

Short games may need sounds to set the theme, but longer games can allow players to immerse themselves in the audio, too. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an amazing soundtrack and serene piano melodies accompany the expansive, open-world exploration, creating a sense of wonder. Zelda shows that music enhances the feeling of being part of the game.

Music scores for games often need to be different from films. People may take longer to play through levels, and the music may need to loop. Loops mean the music can stay the same but last longer with neat and seamless transitions.

Horror games’ music and ambient sounds are designed to evoke fear and tension. Creepy, discordant tunes and sudden hits of sound keep players on edge, heightening the suspense, just like a film score.

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack was one from the 1990s that people went wild for. At the time, it was released on a four-disc box set and sold well. People may have this in a library somewhere and need to convert it to a modern platform like VLC to play.

Megastars like Paul McCartney and David Bowie even contributed music to soundtracks for games, something that not a lot of people realize. Gaming is a huge industry that can give people a chance to make music for the games.

When Music Becomes the Game

Music is actually a game genre in itself. Sound is part of the game in loads of games, like a triumphant fanfare upon completing a level in some games. Sound effects (though separate) are also a big part of most games. However, some go further and the music becomes a part of the game.

Music-based games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution show that music can be at the core of gameplay. These games rely entirely on musical tracks and they can make amazing games to play together. In Guitar Hero, people try to press buttons on a specific controller in time with the music. Doing so can reward players and get a higher score. An arcade feel to the game made it really popular. People play games like this at parties and they can make a great laugh for groups as they try to outdo one another.

Music games exist in a lot of different ways. Beat Saber has a bit of a similar theme to Guitar Hero and allows people to try to play in time with the beat. Music games are massive, and people can even record themselves playing and potentially convert the file to send to others and show how well they’re doing. Guitar Hero hasn’t been updated for a while, there are rumors of a new version but for now, people need to stick to the older games or others with a similar vibe.


Gamers may not recognize it, but music is always a crucial part of their gaming experience. People invest in quality speakers and headsets for a reason, and music can make a game more tense, show you the theme, or just create a more memorable experience. You may already have your own favorite gaming soundtracks!