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The Sherlocks announced the release of a new single

The Sherlocks announced first track in more than two years. It’s called «End Of The Earth».

A group from Sheffield announced that they were returning to the stage. So far, a teaser of the future clip has been offered to the audience. And a full-length music video will be released on April 9.

The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks decided to celebrate the release of the joint composition by performing a special show that will be broadcast live from Sheffield City Hall.

«End Of The Earth» was created in the style of punk rock, which is a significant change in the musical style of the group. The presentation of the clip will be virtual, since all live performances are banned in connection with the pandemic. But this does not make the event less significant.

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The group plans a tour of the United Kingdom. In particular, the group will perform at the Albert Hall in Manchester on October 2 and at Grimsby’s Docks Academy on October 29. It should be noted that this is not the first announcement of a future tour. It has already been postponed several times due to restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic. The situation looks ambiguous today, because, as everyone knows, the situation with the pandemic in the United Kingdom is not improving, and every day it becomes more tense.

If concerts in the UK in October of this year are still canceled again, then the audience who previously bought tickets for them will be returned all the funds spent.

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