The show «Mirror Of Enigma» will be shown on the stage of Vegas City Hall

The organizers announced that the show will be held on April 20, 2021. This evening, Gregorian Opera will perform both its own author’s works and the hits Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Enigma, Limp Bizkit, Beatles, Rammstein. Already today, the sale of tickets for the show is in full swing.

The mysticism of the Gregorian choral, the beauty of European Gothic and the multifaceted nature of new age – all this, according to the organizers, puts «Mirror Of Enigma» in a number of the best world shows.

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The project’s press release says: «The Middle Ages are a mysterious time of contrasts and contradictions, great and small wars and great discoveries, chivalric exploits and insidious intrigues, the triumph of beauty and dark legends. When the bloody games for the throne end, the real Queen comes out of the shadows and the whole world belongs to her! Who is she – an innocent angel or a vicious demon? will the eternal confrontation between male and female, strength and beauty end? They will tell the mirrors!»

Spectators are waiting for a virtuoso game of musicians, the magic of the voices of the Enchanted Voices choir and the unique vocals of the singer Ksana.

This show for everyone who loves good music, appreciates the high skill and professionalism of artists, is open to bold experiments. This is what its organizers are sure of. They promise numerous viewers unforgettable impressions.

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