The structure of the online show Girls To The Front devoted to the International Women's Day is announced

It was confirmed that Blu DeTiger, Olivia Dean, Oryol Gartland and Ms. Grit will play this popular online show from NME on the occasion of the International Women’s Day of 2021.

Blu DeTiger – the cool virtuoso of a bass from New York, known for the virus videos in TikTok in which she saw covers on everything, from Kardi Bee and Megan Ti Zherebets’s «WAP» to Janet Jackson’s «Control».

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Addressing NME last month, Blu explained that she wants to rally against sexist stereotypes in the industries by means of the music. «When I grew, to me it was valid there is nobody to equal, except Tina Veymouth from Talking Heads», – she told NME. «I definitely want to be a role model and to inspire young people to take the tool is one of my main goals».

Ms. Grit will join Blu DeTiger on the account. The artist from Michigan from New York (real name of Margaret Son) released the sensational mini-album «Imposter» last month which NME designated «the reflecting collection filled with confidence». Also the female resident of East London Olivia Dean who shared magnificent «Will act what I am going to do on Sundays?». EP at the end of last year – the amazing four-track release showing it brilliant diaristichesky lyricism.

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