What Are The Top-5 Songs Of 2022?

Every music lover will be interested in the tops of the world music ratings. After all, such information will allow not only to be in trend, but also to be well versed in musical fashion and the current situation in the music world, which is very important for artists.

If we look at the top ratings of 2022, we can see that its first half sounded very similar to the end of the previous year, 2021. This means that the tracks that were popular last year continued to be the most streamed and popular next year.

So, the priorities of music lovers have not changed much. There was no supernova fashionable musical style or genre, not a single bright star was lit among the performers.

The massive hits of the second half of 2021 continued to be at the top of the best radio and streaming playlists of 2022.

These songs and musical compositions seem to refuse to give way to new songs.

But 2022 original music has struggled to find its place, at least on the US Billboard charts. Of course, it is difficult to say unequivocally that the Billboard charts fully determine the world music rating. Note to the information of this company should be heeded, because it is she who is a complete and detailed reflection of the American and, in many respects, the world music market.


  1. Harry Styles, The Way It Was. First place went to the British singer-songwriter. He has been leading for several months with his track, which became the lead in his third album. Interestingly, it is he who is recognized as the leader in the ranking of the world’s leading streaming music service Spotify.
  2. Doja Cat, “Woman”. This composition is in second place in the Billboard rating. She became megapopular thanks to the blockbuster Her Planet.
  3. Lizzo, “About fucking time.” This song is in third place. This track became the lead of the singer’s album, which was released in mid-July 2022 and is called “Special”.
  4. Kendrick Lamar and his track “N95” became the fourth place in the Billboard world rankings. The song has a rather militant rhetoric that will not appeal to all listeners.
  5. Karol G and her composition “Provenza” complete the top five of the Billboard 2022 world charts. The song captured our collective imagination so strongly that the young singer became an instant hit.

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The American Billboard is in many ways a definite indicator of the music market. We should not forget that it is the American music market that is considered the largest and most capacious in the world. It is he who dream of getting to many artists who begin to build their musical careers and professionals in the music industry.

The service constantly publishes up-to-date charts at certain intervals, in which music lovers will see their idols. And musicians, in turn, will be able to get up-to-date information about trends in the development of musical fashion. This will help them adjust their plans and bring their work as close as possible to the current needs of the audience. In turn, this will make them idols of the public, whose requests they will fully respond to.

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