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The Weeknd reissues its mixtape

The Weeknd decided to celebrate the decade on stage with the release of a mixtape of songs. This week, a corresponding release should appear on all world music streaming services.

The Weeknd

The mixtape will be called «House Of Balloons». Abel Tesfai (the name of the one hiding behind the name «The Weeknd») is going to re-release the mixtape on March 21 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of creative work.

This was the name of the first studio album of a popular artist, which he released back in 2011. The mixtape will also be released in a limited number in the form of vinyl records, the cover design of which was taken over by American artist Daniel Arsham.

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Recall that the Canadian singer spoke very negatively about the Grammy Award, accusing its organizers of corruption and creating a semblance of some secret committees to nominate and award nominees for the Golden Gramophone.

Abel Tesfai officially forbade label in the future to nominate his songs for a Grammy nomination, saying that he would never participate in it again under any pretext.

Despite the lack of Grammy nominations, the singles of the Canadian singer continue to break popularity records in the United States, and one of them has been among the top ten most popular for almost a year.

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