The Weeknd Signed The Soundtrack For The Film "Avatar"

The “Way of Water”, The Weeknd has another surprise for its fans. Whoever was behind the movie soundtrack, here’s “Nothing Lost”, shares the clip with its title. In the video, The WeekŠµnd finds himself in the heart of the planet Pandora.

But in order to keep the effect of surprise for viewers who have not seen the sequel to “Avatar”, the Canadian singer came up with a rather peculiar clip. The latter was inspired by one of the scenes in the film where Pandora’s forest is engulfed in flames.

Together with his team, he reinvents this sequence full of emotions. As for him, the artist appears on the screen for only a few seconds. Leaving room for choreography and movements reminiscent of Na’vi.

Just a month after the release of the screens, “Avatar: The Way of Water” broke all records. The sequel, directed by James Cameron, is considered one of the best cinematic debuts in history. At the moment, almost 11.4 million people have come to admire the work of the director.

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A worldwide box office success, propelling this second installment to the 6th highest-grossing film, grossing $1.93 billion in less than two months. The record for “Avatar: The Way of Water”, which sits just behind “Avengers: Infinity War” and two other James Cameron productions. Namely, “Titanic” and on top of the pedestal the first “Avatar”.

Of course, the opinions of the audience may not coincide. Everyone has his own taste and he will not necessarily perceive a new picture. Some viewers consider this film just a pale shadow of the first part, which had an idea. And in the second part, we can only see constant action.

However, the second part of “Avatar” broke box office records around the world. The reason for the success was, most likely, the mega-success of the first part of the film, which, by the way, was released relatively long ago on the screens.

But, judging by the ambiguous and intriguing ending of the second part of the film, in the relatively near future, intrigued moviegoers will be able to attend the premiere of the next, already third in line, series of this film, which is recognized as one of the best in the modern film industry.

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