There are several options for Eurovision 2021

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is scheduled to be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in the second half of May. But it is still not thoroughly clear how exactly one of the most prestigious international music competitions will take place.

To date, there are several options. The most predicted, according to the organizers of the festival, is a significant limitation on the number of delegations. Media representation will also be reduced. It is planned that only 500 correspondents will cover the ceremony directly at the stage, although in previous years their number was in the thousands. It is assumed that another thousand media representatives will be in the new press center, which was built by the Dutch authorities precisely to cover the event.

The issue of the number of spectators who will be allowed to attend both the main performances and the rehearsal has not yet been resolved.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that according to the scenario «B» the performers will perform on the stage of the competition, the arena can be filled with spectators up to 80%, everyone observes a distance of 1.5 meters. This is the scenario that is considered basic today.

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This year, all participants in the competition will have to be quarantined for a five-day period before flying to the Netherlands. They must also provide a negative COVID-19 test, which should be done a maximum of three days before departure.

Everyone who works in the arena, including staff and members of the press, will be regularly tested for coronavirus.

So far, such a scenario is announced by the organizers. But this decision cannot be final due to the constant change in the situation with coronavirus in Europe.

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