Three Popular Music Genres 2022

Do you love music and want to know everything about what and where they listen today, what songs are popular and what genres of music continue their way to the top of popularity? Then we will tell you a little about what interests you.

Let’s first understand what a musical genre is. A musical genre is a category that includes works that are similar in a number of ways: stylistic, compositional, plot, and so on.

Music can be divided into different genres according to a variety of characteristics, such as the use of certain musical instruments, tempo features, general mood of the melody, and others.

Pop music. In fact, pop music can be traced back to about the 40s when Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby came into vogue. These artists were hugely popular, and their songwriters used different varieties of genres in music to achieve the perfect formula for success. This approach worked: for example, Dean Martin’s single “Everybody loves somebody” was so popular that at the height of the “Beatlemania” in the United States, it threw the Beatles off the first line of the most respected music chart – Billboard.

At first, pop music was seen not as a separate genre, but as a collection of the most popular works of different genres. Therefore, it is difficult to identify its typical features. Quite often, such songs include several features of other genres at once. Therefore, pop has the largest number of branches, among which:

  1. Country pop/country rock: features a lot of guitars and country or near-rock sound. Often used as soundtracks for westerns.
  2. Pop Rock: Combines elements of rock (electric guitars, drums, energy) with the melodiousness of pop music.
  3. Soft rock: almost similar to pop rock, but with a harder sound;
  4. Discopop or post-disco: emerged at the end of disco’s popularity and combined the dance rhythms and electro sound of popular music of the 80s.
  5. Indie: The term is applied to the music of independent authors.
  6. Synthpop: A melody based on the sound of synthesizers and the like.

Rock evolved from classic rock and roll in the 60s, although already in the 70s it ceased to even remotely resemble its progenitor. Rock music has taken over the music industry so much that many critics still consider it the most significant direction. Rock and roll, and then rock, appeared as a youth rebellious movement.

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The main signs of rock music are the dominant guitars, mostly electronic ones. An important component of the music is the bass guitar and drums, sometimes there are rhythm guitars. The sound can change from lighter like the Beatles to heavier like the Rolling Stones and Animals.

The blues is characterized by the use of the guitar, first soloed and later augmented with drums and bass. The chords use pitched notes. This gives the blues its typical melancholic, sad sound. One of the distinguishing features of this style are wind instruments (in particular, the saxophone) and classical keyboards – piano, piano, pianoforte.

The blues originated in the United States in the oppressed sections of the population, mainly among blacks. In the more privileged classes, this genre was considered the lot of criminals and other people “outside the law.” Therefore, many performers were not allowed in nightclubs, and they traveled around the country and gave concerts in the private apartments of their acquaintances. Interestingly, this is what caused the massive spread of the blues.

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