Tidal and Recordbox

As you know, Pioneer’s Rekordbox sorts songs from your storage media into playlists, or imports playlists from iTunes or other DJ programs using Rekord Buddy. That sounds like a good idea, but how do you organize your infinitely large music library so that you always have it ready? the right songs, even in stressful situations in the club and on stage? This question is very relevant for both beginner DJs and professionals. Whether you’re preparing your playlists on USB sticks, SD cards, and external hard drives for the players in the club, or connecting your computer to the network, Rekordbox has a variety of sorting filters to select the right song.

 It was somehow clear to everyone that support for the music streaming service Tidal would come sooner or later, because on the one hand this service is becoming increasingly popular, and this, of course, in the DJ sector. Not least because other DJ software such as Algoriddim, Serato as well as standalone equipment such as the Denon Prime series are already using the service. Tidal also offers Hi-Fi quality streaming.

Here you can load any title from your music library into the new editor and edit different areas using the clone, copy, paste and loop tools, for example to lengthen or shorten certain passages, cut breakdowns, “paste” vocals, etc. In addition, there is a palette in which you can store audio fragments.

The catch is, you need the Rekordbox dj creative plan for the edit mode, which costs $14.99 a month. However, you will also receive additional “functional plugins” for this course, namely lyrics, additional effects, video, DVS, etc.

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By the way, many years ago there was a similar but more sophisticated track editing tool in DJ software with Audio Artery ONE DJ, which, of course, only a few users know about, but professional DJs who have been working in the music industry for many years, well he is remembered.

Admittedly, the editing mode is still pretty spartan, but the groundwork is laid here and it remains to be seen to what extent the effects can be later processed on top of it or recorded live to then be incorporated into the track.

Rekordbox offers more than just the ability to manage your own music library and export it to external media in CDJ format. Recently, Pioneer’s performance mode has turned the program into independent DJ software, equipped with effects, sample banks and a mixer section, among other things, which of course can also be controlled with modern Pioneer controllers.

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