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Titans of the Indonesian avant-garde

The duet «Yogyakarta» begins  second decade with a stunning collection of apocalyptic hymns. Rulli Shabra Herman and Vukir Suryadi, better known as Senyava, have been together for ten years. By the 10-year period, most avant-garde groups would calm down, releasing mass albums designed to meet expectations, and not overturn them. Fortunately, the duo from Yogyakarta does not have such a stagnation.

The new album was a kind of adventure for the band members themselves. They used new folk musical instruments in sound that the group had never used before. This innovation gave intrigues to the composition. The authors also added a new narrative element to  music, highlighting the frighteningly appropriate apocalyptic story about a disintegrating nation.

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The impact pad and non-standard tools move along the stereo field, confusing the listener and increasing the voltage with each minute. At the same time, vocalist Rally creates a scene for an unnamed country that underlies the narrative of the single «Alkisa»: «This is a story about a country torn apart by envy and shocked by its own greed and arrogance».

All this connects the skill of the group with suffocating tension and a multifaceted mood, honed by more than a decade of relentless joint tours and studio work.

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