Tommy Cash and Adidas created the longest sneakers in the world

Estonian rap artist Tommy Cash, together with the world sports brand Adidas, released a new type of shoe. They created the longest sneakers in the world. Interestingly, sneakers of different colors are black and white. They look very shocking. Although, in fairness, it is worth saying that moving in such shoes is very difficult, not to mention conducting sports training.

Tommy Cash became famous for original style not only in music. He also attracts fans in an extremely shocking way and defiant behavior on stage and in life. And this situation is fully consistent with this statement.

Despite loud statements about the longest sneakers in history, their model, in fact, is structurally no different from the familiar Adidas Superstar. The autograph made this model author’s, leaving one sneaker on the heel an autograph.

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Sneakers from Tommy Cash will go on sale on March 3. Marketers of the world-famous manufacturer of sportswear and shoes are confident that the new model will gain popularity among lovers of shocking clothing style. The rapper himself explained the output of such an original model from a philosophical point of view: «Both the angel and the devil live in me at the same time – two opposites that constantly fight each other». In his opinion, the internal balance of the individual is achieved by their peaceful coexistence.

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