Top Online Music Streaming Services to Try in 2024

The days of MP3 players and iPods are gone and we all like to access our favorite songs and albums from our smartphone. You rarely see someone listening to songs on dedicated audio players. Android and iOS devices are packed with amazing features, music libraries, and speakers to provide an authentic experience. Then there are several popular online music streaming apps where you can quickly find favorite songs and albums from millions of local and international singers and artists.

Apart from offering access to huge music libraries, these platforms offer some additional features too. Users can create their own collections and share them with fellow users. You can also follow popular artists and listen to their songs from any device with a stable internet connection.

Top 5 Online Music Streaming Services in 2024

Most music streaming services are available for operating systems, iOS and Android. Apple Music is a dedicated music streaming app for iOS devices. Other top apps are available for Android users too. Music has become an integral part of our lives. For most users, Spotify is the best overall music streaming service. With some amazing features and options, Spotify seems to be the leader, but we will discuss some other great options too.


As mentioned earlier, Spotify has revolutionized the online music streaming industry with modern features and plans. Here are some pros of using this music streaming app:

  • Collaborative playlists with popular songs
  • The free version is available
  • Podcasts from popular celebrities and artists
  • Desktop app and functional website
  • Access your music library across different devices
  • Premium account comes with early access to new albums and songs

Whether you want to create your personal playlist or want to follow other users who have similar tastes in music, you can choose any option on this app. Discover Weekly Playlist is a popular option where you can listen to the top songs of the week and follow the artists.

Apple Music

If you are an Apple fanboy, this is the best music streaming app for you. This online music streaming service is compatible with a wide range of devices. The entertainment industry has evolved a lot recently, and other entertainment niches have also collaborated with artists and service providers. Popular video games also come with immersive background songs. Similarly, online slots have also added themes based on music albums. We can suggest some popular casinos to play with free 50 PLN for registering for online music-themed slots. Background music for these games makes the overall experience more interactive.

You can use Apple Music on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, CarPlay, and other compatible devices. You can see this app is exclusively developed to be integrated into the Apple ecosystem. There is no free version available, but many other great features make it worth trying.


Any user who has invested a lot into a high-quality music setup will require playing Hi-Res audio. Most music streaming services offer generic audio quality that is good enough for normal devices like smartphones and other players.

Qobuz offers premium-quality songs and albums that you can play on your expensive home theater woofer or audio system. The user interface of the app is also easy to use and practical. Navigating the platform to find your favorite songs and albums is easy. Common users may not find this app any better than other available options, but true music lovers understand the importance of good quality music. You should give it a try if you have some nice speakers to play the songs.


With an amazing music catalog, high-quality audio songs, and some other great features, Tidal is the perfect pick for a common user and music enthusiast. You can even buy tickets to popular music concerts from this app. Anyone who not only likes music but also wants to know more about the industry must try this app. Some popular pros of using Tidal include:

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Lyrics for different songs
  • Podcasts related to the music and entertainment industry
  • Backstage content access for premium users
  • Music videos and other content

There is a dedicated section on the app where the latest articles and blogs are published about the latest trends and updates in the industry. You can even watch videos or find other content to stay entertained. This is not just an ordinary music streaming app but a complete entertainment pack.

YouTube Music

We all rush to YouTube to find popular music videos and other informational content. As listening to music and audio files is not fun on the YouTube app, there is a dedicated app for music lovers. Searching for a song or finding the required audio is relatively easy and effective with this app. A huge library of audio files makes it one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world.

Users can download this app for any device or operating system. Apart from official channels and artists, members of the community also upload their favorite content on this app. You probably already have this app installed on your Android device. If you have ignored this app for quite some time, give it a try and make sure to enjoy your favorite songs right now.


These are only the top 5 picks for online music streaming apps, while there are so many other amazing options available. Every platform has some unique features, pros, and advantages while posing some minor issues. Users have different albums and playlists on different apps and music streaming platforms. 

This unique service is designed to bring all of your playlists on a single platform. Instead of visiting every app for different songs, you can bring all of your music selections on this platform. There is no need to have different apps for every other song. Just sync your music library and experience the new wave of music.