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Topps has removed a BTS card with bruises on its faces

Topps, which produces collectible cards, removed Garbage Pail Kids sticker, which depicted a BTS boy band with bruises and beaten faces.

A few days ago, Topps presented a new collection of collectible cards, which was dedicated to the Grammy Awards this year. These were cartoon pictures of the most famous music stars who were lucky enough to receive the Golden Gramophone this year.

BTS boys band

The picture also depicted the South Korean group BTS with bruises on their faces and beaten in the game «Hit the Mole» with a Golden gramophone from the Grammy.

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But the picture received an extremely negative response from fans of the group and from other Topps customers. They felt that the picture depicting South Korean guys with beaten faces came out very not in time. The protest against the collection card arose against the backdrop of a surge in anti-Asian and anti-African crimes motivated by racial hatred in the United States of America. The number of crimes committed against persons of the Asian race is growing every day. So, in Atlanta on March 16, eight people were shot by unknown people in the spa, six of whom were Asians. Atlanta police confirmed that four of the six Asian killed were women of Korean descent.

The public considered that such collectible pictures offend Asians and contribute to inciting ethnic hatred.

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