Tortuga Music Festival 2022

The annual music festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida takes place over three days. In 2022, the festival was held from 8 to 10 April. These are three days of country music and reckless entertainment, which include not only Americans, but also guests from other countries.

This beachfront music festival features everything from rap to country, with American roots added to the mix. The main purpose of the music festival. As conceived by its organizers, is the protection and protection of the environment and, in particular, the sea coast and its native inhabitants.

Tortuga Music Festival

The festival has been held annually for almost twenty years. Every year this popular event gathers crowds of caring spectators and many participants from around the world, and not just from the United States of America. The festival has gained wide popularity all over the world.

The 2022 event has become especially bright against the background of the fact that in the previous two years it was not held publicly due to quarantine restrictions.

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This is a festival where cult bands and participants who are little known today perform. The list of participants is announced officially just before the start of the festival, almost a few days before this moment.

The festival starts at noon and ends at 22:00. The whole day the attention of the audience is not only the performances of popular artists and groups, but also interesting competitions, as well as noisy beach activities and games. This is a holiday of youth and summer, the ocean and the sun.

The announcement of the future event is carried out by its organizers in advance, two months before the start. A whole industry has been built around the popular festival – hotels for guests, transfers, ticket sales, excursions and so on.

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