Tracey Morgan will play Louis Armstrong

Creativity of the great master of jazz Louis Armstrong still attracts a keen interest. The director and producer Germaine Fowler decided to shoot the biographic film about life of this legend of last century.

Louis Armstrong is played by Tracey Morgan. The director of the movie claims that it was difficult to find the actor who would resemble One Louis more, than Tracey. They not only are similar externally, but even Tracey’s voice reminds a voice of the late legend of jazz.

Tracey Morgan

Film critics consider Morgan the talented, but a little underestimated actor who could make at cinema much more, than made. But they are sure that in case the movie turns out successful, then it will bring Morgan to absolutely new level of popularity.

According to messages of insiders, shooting of the biographic movie is well under way, and Tracey already completely managed to get used to a role of the hero and with pleasure plays jazz that, by the way, at him not bad turns out.

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Apparently, cooperation of the main character with the director of the movie takes place successfully and fruitfully. Both respond about each other not only yours faithfully, but even with some professional admiration.

Recently the American cinema began to address more often display on the screen of biographies of great sons of America. And the new biographic movie about Louis Armstrong undoubtedly confirms this trend.

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