Track Quality: Deezer Or Spotify?

The music streaming service has Deezer’s more expensive HiFi plan in addition to its standard rates. Deezer HiFi is a high quality audio plan that uses FLAC (a free lossless audio codec (1411 kbps) for what it calls the best listening experience).

Please note that it requires a FLAC-compatible device and a sufficient broadband connection to use it. If you are using Deezer without a FLAC compatible device, you will only be able to listen in Deezer Premium (320 kbps).

At the moment, FLAC quality on mobile devices using the Deezer app is not yet possible.

The default setting is “Compact” at 128 kbps. In Premium, “Balanced” means you’ll listen at 320 kbps on Wi-Fi, but 128 kbps (default) on mobile (4G) networks. The “Superior” option tells HiFi that you will listen at 320 kbps on both Wi-Fi and mobile network. As an option, there is basic audio (64 kbps), in case you save your data.

In Spotify, the default desktop app quality is Ogg Vorbis 160kbps (default also in the free version). Premium users can turn on “High Quality” (320kbps) streaming at no extra charge, but they don’t get the high quality they get on Deezer. The default quality is AAC 128 kbps (free) and 256 kbps (premium).

Comparing the same plans (excluding HiFI), both play Premium at speed (320kbps) for the same price. If you want to invest in FLAC, this is Deezer.

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Design-wise, both are very similar and there is nothing that requires learning. User-generated content is Flow, which Deezer says is a “custom soundtrack.” It’s the songs you like mixed in with recommendations for what’s new and the songs you forgot how much you liked in a constant stream. That is, it is a mixture of the algorithm with its history.

Flow sometimes crashes, but the biggest concern is that it doesn’t end, and many users enjoy working with end playlists, recommending them to friends, and being able to access the same group of songs again in the future. The good side is that when you don’t want to think too much about what to listen to, just play there and hit the play button.

So, in terms of sound quality, the championship still belongs to the French music streaming service Deezer. Spotify, the global music market leader, has unfortunately not yet achieved a similar quality of playback music content in the premium segment, but it is getting closer every day.

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