Tractor Or Serato - Which Software Should You Choose?

Traktor is currently one of the most used programs by professional DJs playing with a computer. Its compatibility with the best controllers on the market and features make Traktor the market leader in DJing. The cost of a license is about $100.


  • Traktor is stable on both Mac OS and Windows (of course, a slow computer is useless, then the PC is to blame, not the software).
  • It works great with any Core 2 Duo, which shows its lightweight software.
  • Traktor is compatible with Pioneer’s main controllers and Native Instruments itself.

It has a lot of amazing effects that can be inserted live, in addition to a feature that allows you to live stream what you’re playing, in addition to recording your mixes.

Cons: Perhaps one of the few downsides is that it works better with an external controller (the machine that runs the software), but can work without a controller, besides paying (but there is a 30-day trial).

Serato is also widely used by DJs and is very reliable. Throughout the world, this software has been mostly preferred by hip-hop DJs, but it is still used in other styles. It can be called a universal application that is suitable for almost all musical styles.


  • Serato is also ultra-stable and reliable software, you can purchase it in an easier way and then buy several modules with additional features.
  • The main advantage is that it has a module where you can mix video, which is ideal for DJs who want to play video clips and mix at the same time.


  • Slightly inferior in interface and number of functions compared to Traktor.
  • Another big disadvantage is the issue of selling individual modules. If you decide on an intermediate version of Serato, it costs $300, but if you buy all the modules, it can go up to $1,000.

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What software to choose? Well, it depends on your interest and level of knowledge. From software to playing as a DJ, if you want to remain an amateur DJ, use Virtual DJ Free, and if you want to be a pro, buy Traktor. The price is lower compared to the Serato in addition to being more complete. Now, if you want to mix video, you only have Serato.

When it comes to music production software, we recommend Ableton Live to anyone starting out because although it’s more expensive than Logic Pro, it’s much easier to use and also gives you the ability to play like a DJ.

There is some software that is cheaper if you buy it with the controller. Some Pioneer controllers already ship with Traktor or Serato, as well as some controllers with Ableton Live.

If you’re just getting started DJing, chances are you don’t have enough money to buy the pro version yet. So, try the free version first. First, it will save you money. Secondly, you will acquire such basic skills necessary for you to work with such programs.

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