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Transfer Apple Music to Tidal

Want to shift from Apple Music to Tidal but are afraid of losing your carefully curated playlists? Don’t worry; we are here to help you transfer your Apple Music to Tidal. Launched around 2015, Apple Music and Tidal are among the most widely used and appreciated music streaming platforms. 


Why Transfer Apple Music to Tidal

Though Apple Music is highly compatible with Apple devices like Apple Watch Ipods, a number of reasons can be stated for transferring Apple Music to Tidal. 

  • Subscription can be the basic reason. While Apple Music features only one subscription plan, which is 9.99 USD per month, Tidal offers three subscription plans to choose from according to your needs. These plans include Free Tidal access, Tidal Hifi that amounts to the same 9.99 USD per month as Apple Music, and Tidal Hifi plus 19.99 USD per month.
  • While Apple Music provides access to its 90 Million songs library, Tidal has the same number of audio songs, additionally with 450000 videos.  
  • Audio Quality is another big concern for individuals. While Apple Music features an audio quality of 256kbps, Tidal is widely known for its diverse range of audio quality that ranges between 160kbpsc in the free version to 1411 and 9216kbps in its Tidal Hifi and HiFi plus versions, respectively.

After comparing both platforms, the reason for your shift is apparent. But here, the main question lies.

How To Transfer Apple Music to Tidal

Transfering your Apple Music to Tidal is a real problem, as both platforms are secured with DRM protection and dose not allow direct transfer. Here comes MusConv, which is a third-party tool that allows easy and smooth transfer of your Apple Music to Tidal.

The process is simple. You just need to access the tool through its app or website. Select Apple Music and Tidal as source and destination, respectively. Provide your credentials and hit the start button. Now you just have to grab a cup of coffee and wait until your transfer completes.

Why MusConv?

The answer to this question is simple “To prevent any security breach.” While many apps can help with the process, after providing your personal credentials, security is always a lingering threat. But MusConv, besides its simple and smooth transfer process, ensures that your provided information is totally safe, and there is no need to worry about it.

Additionally, it offers 4 different subscription plans that make it easy to choose according to your needs and budget. Not only this, it further allows transferring your music playlists among 125 well-known streaming platforms. Indeed, this is a one-time investment. 

The Bottom Line

As per the reasons stated above, shifting from Apple Music to Tidal is a wise decision. But choosing a reliable third-party app like MusConv to transfer your music is important.

Currently, MusConv offers a flat 20% off on all its services and 40% off on its lifetime subscription. So if your transfer decision is final, don’t miss the opportunity and grab your plan now.