MusConv - Transferring music across services become cheaper than anytime

MusConv is an excellent tool to migrate songs from one service to another. As it is not easy to transfer music and playlist across various platforms, the technology to migrate songs from one service to another was always a costly service. However, MusConv can transfer music across various services at the cheapest possible rate.

The trial version of MusConv allows the user to transfer files between Google and Spotify. On the other hand, nothing is free with other software transferring music across services. MusConv has three paid versions. It has basic, professional and ultimate in addition to trial version.

The basic version of MusConv can transfer unlimited songs per session. It can transfer unlimited playlists per session along with songs. It allows the users to export CSV files. In addition, the user can get 2 years of free update while using the basic version. 3 years of free update is available with professional version.

Lifetime free updates are available for the users buying ultimate version. Basic, professional and ultimate cost $7.95, $8.95 and $9.95 respectively. While using the professional service, user will be able to import playlist batches. This particular feature is not available for the basic users. Professional and ultimate users can use this. While using the ultimate offer, users will enjoy Apple music support.

It was not available for basic and professional users. This exclusive feature is available only for the ultimate users. Ultimate version also comes up with an exciting option to delete duplicate tracks from the playlists. It is always difficult to delete duplicate tracks from the playlists, but the ultimate version makes it easier for the users.

It comes with a separate option to delete the duplicate tracks. In this way, the users will be able to find out the duplicate tracks very easily. In addition to that, the ultimate version comes up with priority support.

All of the versions support a wide range of audio formats. For transferring music and playlists, it is important to cover a wide a range of formats. MusConv has completed that homework perfectly.

While transferring across various platforms, very often users may need to use different formats. For this particular reason, MusConv added a converter which can convert the original song to various formats.

Along with the converter, the MusConv has a music downloader feature as well. The downloader can also prove to be very handy along with the converter while transferring playlists between various streaming services.

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