Trouble With Spotify On Apple CarPlay? Here’s How To Fix It

In a world where seamless integration is key, encountering glitches in your Spotify and Apple CarPlay connection can be a real buzzkill. But fear not, dear reader, for there’s a beacon of hope amidst the digital fog. Whether you’re battling with connection issues, crashes, or sound problems, this comprehensive guide is your roadmap to smoother musical travels.

Check the CarPlay & Spotify Support

Before diving headfirst into troubleshooting, ensure your country or region supports both CarPlay and Spotify, and that your car is equipped with CarPlay. Premium users can adjust their Spotify profile to match their location. For free users, updating your country or region in your account settings is the way to go.

Check Your Device’s Software & Spotify

Keep your iPhone and Spotify app up to date to avoid compatibility woes. Head to your device’s settings to update its software, then swing by the App Store to ensure your Spotify app is rocking the latest version.

Check the Connection to CarPlay

For a wired connection, verify your cables are intact and snugly plugged in. If wireless, toggle on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring both are connected to the same network as your Spotify app.

Activate CarPlay on Your Car

If CarPlay doesn’t kick in automatically, seek out the CarPlay logo on your car’s display and give it a gentle tap.

When all else fails, the classic reboot maneuver might just save the day. Force stop the Spotify app, restart your phone, and give your car a quick power cycle.

Now, let’s delve deeper into specific issues and solutions.

How to Fix Spotify Crashes on Apple CarPlay

  1. Disable Content & Privacy Setting: Ensure CarPlay isn’t restricted in your Content & Privacy settings.
  2. Disable Power Saving Setting: Turn off Low Power Mode to rule out any power-saving conflicts.
  3. Disable Screen Time Settings: Adjust Screen Time settings to allow CarPlay.
  4. Enable Apple CarPlay While Locked: Permit CarPlay access even when your device is locked.
  5. Reconnect Apple CarPlay: Refresh the connection by forgetting your car’s setup and reconnecting.

How to Fix Spotify No Sound on Apple CarPlay

  1. Ensure Control Audio Playback: Verify you’re controlling audio playback via CarPlay.
  2. Use the Spotify Volume Control: Adjust volume within the Spotify app or via Siri.
  3. Check the Spotify Connect: Ensure your phone is selected as the current device in Spotify settings.

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Best Alternative to Enable Spotify on Apple CarPlay

If the troubleshooting feels like tiptoeing through a digital minefield, consider a workaround: converting Spotify music to DRM-free MP3s for hassle-free playback on CarPlay.

In conclusion, while the journey to harmonious Spotify and Apple CarPlay integration may have its bumps, armed with these solutions, you’re equipped to navigate through the digital wilderness with confidence.

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