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It has not been that long since we used to use cassettes, records, etc to save our favorite music. I know having such type of music saving material was time-consuming and not just that, there was no option of transferring your favorite playlists, albums and any more things from one platform to another like from cassette to record. This is where technology played its role and music transferring services in the form of the desktop app which transfers music from one platform to another emerged. In a list of these music transferring services, MusConv stands out as one of the brightest and a great alternative of the other mentioned service.

Compared to other music transferring service MusConv transfers your favorite music between various platforms in a much smoother and effective way. MusConv is much better music transferring web service than the other service because MusConv provides a more variety of features and is more organized than the other music transferring service. With supporting over 30 plus music platforms including Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and others, MusConv transfers your favorite artists, albums and tracks without a sweat. It exports the most popular and widely used playlists file format that you will find in the market and they are txt, csv, xml, m3u, m3u8, wpl, pls, json, xspf, zpl, asx, bio, fpl, kpl, pla, aimppl, plc, mpcpl, smil, vlc and has the quality of importing M3U, WPL, XML, CSV, XSPF and web URL. There is no limitation on how many songs you can transfer from one music platform to another.

It works in a very simple and easy way. First, click on the music platform you want to transfer playlists from and log in to it. Second, choose the playlists you want to transfer. Third, click the transfer button which would be appearing at the bottom, select the music platform such as Spotify, Deezer, etc where you want to transfer playlists to and log in to it. Congratulations the job is finished.

Another good thing about this migrator is that it is doesn’t store the user’s data. You need not be worried about your private data as MusConv is very safe to use.

MusConv even has a free trial period. The trial version is just like the paid version as it offers to transfer files across a wide-ranging music streaming service just like a paid version and it could also transfer music successfully. However, to enjoy all the features you have to go with paid version and believe it your money won’t go for waste as after testing the free version one simply can say that MusConv is the best alternative of other music migrator. You can check positive reviews by so many people on MusConv for your satisfaction. There are so many reasons which prove that why MusConv should be your ideal music transferring service and ultimately making it a great alternative.

So far MusConv has been downloaded 789,795 times and 889,954,892 tracks have been transferred. There are so many reasons which prove that why MusConv should be your ideal music transferring service and ultimately making it a great alternative.

How exactly MusConv is a great alternative?

MusConv is impressive in so many ways. There are pretty strong reasons on why MusConv is a great alternative and some of those reasons are mentioned below:

  • Supports more music platforms
  • Finds and transfers all songs with ease
  • Very responsive website
  • Website is well decorated and has answers to all questions
  • Supports Amazon Music and Google Music better than other
  • Recognizes duplicate song title as a pro

Supports more music platforms:

It’s great to have music transferring software that supports more music platforms. Supporting more music platforms increases your options for transferring music. On the other hand, music transferring services that support few platforms frustrate you. I mean think about it, you are having some music transferring software or app and you want to transfer music from Dailymotion to Spotify but you are unable to do it because your music service doesn’t support Dailymotion because of its limited support for music platforms.

This is where MusConv steals the show from other music migrator as MusConv supports over 30 music platforms whereas the other is limited to few. This quality of MusConv is indeed one of the best reasons why MusConv is the best alternative.

Finds and transfers all songs with ease:

When you are using some music transferring desktop app then one of the things which you would want in that app is to find your favorite songs which you want to transfer to some other music platform with ease and after finding and transferring to another music platform, there should not be any songs left out after the transferring process is complete. This matters a lot especially when you want the most favorite song to be transferred but somehow due to the lack of supreme abilities of your music migrator, the favorite song missed out. Things like these would frustrate you and ultimately you would want to switch to some other app.

This is where MusConv is very handy as it will transfer all songs from one platform to another without leaving out any song whereas the other music transferring service has got engaged with various complaints regarding this matter as during transferring songs it lefts out a few of your songs. Upon further investigation, you will find out that they were in the catalog portion instead of being in playlists.

Very responsive website:

When you have some queries related to some product or service you are using then you might visit the official website of that particular product or service and get in contact with the staff to get some answer regarding your product or service. Now, not all websites would respond to you within a quick time and this would ultimately frustrate you. I mean think about it, what if you are having some serious problem with your product or service, your product or service is not acting like the way the website content showed that it will work and when you reach out the particular website for guide, submit your query either by email or any other way and what happens, they take their time in responding. Time is money and those websites which don’t value this aren’t worth your time.

Unlike the other service, MusConv is way quicker in answering your queries. You put your query and MusConv staff will respond to you before you know it. For MusConv, customer satisfaction in any way is the topmost priority.

Website is well decorated and has answers to all questions:

If you are to visit some shop then your decision to visiting that shop largely depends upon how well-established or decorated that shop is. The outlook of the shop matters too much. Similar is the case with a website of some products or services. A well-established website mentioning all the answers and features of a particular product or service which it is offering enhances the strength and trust for that particular product or service.

Compared to other music transferring service which is very old fashioned and has very little information to offer, MusConv’s official website is very sounding. MusConv has a stunning outlook and the website has pages that tell each and everything about the service with full details. The MusConv website even has a video tutorial to show how to transfer music between different platforms, ultimately proving to be a more trusted and efficient platform for transferring your favorite music.

Supports Amazon music and Google music better than other:

These music transferring services claim to transfer your music from every bigshot platform such as from Spotify to Deezer, from Deezer to Amazon Music, from Spotify to Apple Music and so on. In reality, not all of them act upon their words. Not all of them efficiently handle all music platforms. For example, some music transferring services might transfer music from Spotify to Deezer but when it is required to transfer from Spotify to Apple music, they might not be as efficient as in the previous case.

In the case of Amazon music and Google music, MusConv steals the show. You won’t find any complaints in transferring music from Amazon Music and Google Music platforms by using MusConv whereas there are many cases which proved that other music transferring service doesn’t get along well with Amazon Music and Google Music.

Recognizes duplicate songs titles as a pro:

Some music transferring services don’t recognize duplicate songs from different artists because of their limited abilities. This is frustrating sometimes especially when you are a fan of original songs and you accidentally get in contact with its remake because of your web app’s inability to recognize the right song.

MusConv surpasses the other music migrator in this aspect by handsomely identifying the duplicate song titles. You don’t need to worry about duplicate songs if you are using MusConv.


With the advancement of technology, stuff like cassettes and records became irrelevant. This is because some music migrators such as MusConv arrived which made manipulation of your favorite music very easy. After knowing about its free trial, how easy it is to use MusConv and all the cool aspects of MusConv which the competitor lacks, it is fair to say that MusConv clearly outsmarts the other music migrator in all aspects and thus ultimately proves out to be the great alternative of it.

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