TV Apps—Where Can I Listen To Music?

Streaming platforms also have their own TV apps. After all, on some you can watch music videos or include lyrics to sing along. It is also necessary to take into account the stability of communication with the mobile application.

Spotify is a good app for TVs. There is one problem with Spotify – you can’t connect to your TV without first turning on the TV app. Also, the app is similar to the desktop version, albeit a little thinner so it’s easier to navigate.

Tidal is a good music streaming app, but only for TVs with TidalConnect. The problem is with Spotify, but things are even worse with Tidal as they unfortunately can’t see many TVs. The TV must be on the list of devices compatible with TidalConnect, and your TV model may not be on the list. Therefore, you will not be able to control the music on the TV from your smartphone. The application itself is easy to use, and if there are problems with the TV-smartphone connection, you can use the remote control.

Deezer is a good app, but it doesn’t support smartphone TV. Deezer has a very high quality TV app that is definitely different from the rest. While there are more options, it’s clear and attractive, the only problem is that you need a Chromecast to control music from your phone. In addition, the application can only be controlled using the remote control.

YouTube Music is built into the standard YouTube app. So if you want to play music from YT Music on your TV, you will use YouTube to do so. The connection works flawlessly, and one can only correctly judge this, because YouTube itself is a topic for a separate article. As it should be, one click and you control YouTube from your phone.

You can think long and hard about choosing the best music platform. Everyone has something to say, but there are also good aspects that can be improved. Anyone who cares about the highest quality music should turn to Tidal, Deezer or Amazon. If you often listen to music on your TV and plan to control it from your smartphone, Spotify and YouTube Music are your best bet. Those who appreciate a clean interface can choose Deezer, Apple Music or YouTube Music. Or maybe you love to sing and need lyrics? This is where Tidal and Deezer do their best.

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As you can see, something good for everyone. What about amounts? They are basically the same, only Amazon differs, the price of which is slightly lower. Libraries are similar both in terms of categories and scope. So you should pay attention to the compatibility list so that the platform supports the devices on which you will most often listen to music.

Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that sound reproduction equipment is of high quality and efficient. If you use ordinary inexpensive speakers, it is very difficult to get satisfaction from listening to music and appreciate the benefits of each music streaming service.

However, if I need to determine which service is the best, I will, to the surprise of many, point to Deezer. The interface is very friendly, there is an opportunity to buy a package with quality music, and the library has what I need.

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