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TVs With Roku

The American company Roku has introduced a new version of its operating system for TVs. Roku OS11 offers a splash screen with user photos and other features to make the software more personalized. The update also improves access to content, the mobile app, and other new features. Users are also waiting for a large number of additional features that will seem very attractive to them.

This updated version provides some tools to make the system more personalized. This refers to the Roku Photo Streams feature, which allows the user to select photos to use as the screensaver.

Images can be sent via mobile phone or computer. To do this, the user just needs to download the necessary files to the device. Then the photos will be displayed when the TV is not in use, as if it were a gallery. Photostreams also allow you to share images. This means that files can be shared with friends who, for example, have devices or TVs with the system.

Roku OS11 brings changes to the interface, sound, and more. The interface has also received other improvements. From the home screen, users will have access to a new panel that offers movie and series content suggestions. The menu offers a personalized selection of recently added headlines and recommendations based on popular content, the company says.

In addition, the company has brought a new experience to the search for a mobile application. When performing a search, the tool will introduce new items to highlight which channels are streaming content for free. The update will continue to indicate if the schedule is available on subscription platforms.

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There are also new features to improve sound quality. These include automatic voice clarity, a feature that dynamically identifies and enhances dialogue on branded devices, and audio and video synchronization. Roku speakers also get new sound modes: Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music, and Night.

According to the company, the update for Roku OS 11 will be available soon for now for users from a limited list of countries where this media player works. The new version is now available for supported Roku streaming players, Roku TV models, and peripherals.

As you can see, the American company has taken the path of gradual phased introduction of its new products. Initially, the product is tested in a specific market. If the test results are positive, then the administration decides on the phased introduction of a new product in the entire music market in which the company is present.

First of all, we are talking about those countries in which the application works with the highest level of profitability. Then everything follows on an inclination. And lastly, a new product appears on the market of those countries that the company is least interested in in terms of profit. As a rule, we are talking about countries with a low average standard of living and a small number of Roku users.

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