Tyler performed the song in a Coca-Cola commercial

An excerpt of the song appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial in February. Famous artist and songwriter Tyler wrote the words and music for a new song that will be in a Coca-Cola commercial. An excerpt from the track, which was played during the company’s latest advertisement for carbonated drinks, aired at the end of last month.

The singer expressed official gratitude to the company, which provided him with the opportunity to write a new track for advertising such a famous, popular and influential brand. Tyler, by the way, said that he himself since childhood is an admirer of the popular carbonated drink and therefore he wrote a song about him «heartily». Quite possibly, the artist suggests, it was the sincerity of the author that added popularity to both the song and the advertisement itself. Hard basses and a clear rhythm harmoniously fit into the commercial.

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«Tell Me How» was the first song we heard from Tyler since he joined Brent Fayyaz for  last track, «Gravity». As time has shown. Their cooperation was very productive.

It should be said that Tyler recently has not shown much activity in the musical field. Therefore, his direct participation in the advertising of the world famous brand allowed him to again remind music lovers of himself.

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