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Unblocked Soundcloud

If you cannot reach any website, content or any SoundCloud from your web browser, it may happen to be blocked by the network administrator. Another reason behind this might be, the restriction of service providers which do not allow them to reach certain regions of the globe. Sometimes, some websites are restricted in our office, school or university networks. These don’t mean they are anti-music, rather they might want you to concentrate on your work more than listening to music. Whatever the condition might be, there is always a way to fight back this blocking and unblock the SoundCloud.

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Unblocking through a VPN app:

If you have the administrative power of the computer or the device you are using, you certainly can go through this method of using a VPN app for unblocking the SoundCloud. 

  • Installation of a VPN:

At the very beginning, you have to choose the VPN app you want to install. Right after that, you keep installing it for further usage.

  • Connection of server:

After successfully installing the app, you have to connect the app to a server for better speed and launching.

  • Start sound Clouding:

After this process, you will be able to successfully use the SoundCloud website or app. A VPN will eventually unblock all of the blocked websites which have been blocked by the administrator.

Unblocking VPN extension browser:

In case if you do not have any administrative power, you can go through the blocked servers by using VPN extensions.

  • Installation of extension browser:

First and foremost, you need to find the best-fit extension browser for your purpose. You may easily find them from extension stores such as Chrome Web Store, Firefox or Addons.

  • Connection to Server:

After the successful installation of the browser, you need to connect it to a server before using it. In this step, you will have to choose from different options, for instance, SurfShark is one of the best as it gets an easy connection for the user. 

  • SoundCloud:

That’s it! No more hassle, go to the SoundCloud website and then keep rocking!

Caution Notice:

While installing VPN be aware of hopping for a free VPN. Many websites offer Free VPN which is a dangerous trap. These sites are accused of using and selling your internet data to third parties. Not only this, but they may also tend to become slow while working they attract many users to surf. They may also use your id to mine cryptocurrencies and also use your device to some botnet

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