Unlocking The Apple Music 6 Months Free Code: A Comprehensive Technical Guide

Lately, Apple rarely pleases its users with free subscriptions or discounts. If previously the company distributed promotional codes for gifts, now it does this much less often, but from time to time profitable promotions still appear.

Apple and Sony are offering PlayStation 5 users a gift: a free subscription to Apple Music, which anyone can activate. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy a new console – even the one you have been using for several years will be enough.
Find out how to activate Apple Music for free.

How to Connect Apple Music for Free

To get six months of free Apple Music, simply sign in to your Apple ID on PS5. Usually the streaming service is available on the set-top box by default, but if you don’t have it, just download it according to our instructions.

1. Turn on the PlayStation and navigate to the “Multimedia” tab.
2. Select “All Apps”, download Apple Music if you don’t have it and go to the app.
3. How to Connect Apple Music for Free. Simply log in to your Apple ID on PS5.
4. Just sign in your Apple ID on PS5.
5. Click ‘Start listening’.
6. Select the “Options” tab at the top by clicking on the gear and then on “Account”.
7. Click ‘Sign In’, then ‘Link Account’ and scan the QR code from the screen with your iPhone camera.

Connecting to Apple Music for free can be problematic?

If you have an active subscription you have to wait until the end, deactivate it or wait for the deadline to activate Apple Music for free, luckily the promotion lasts until November 15, 2024. In addition, you can link one of your friends: All of them just have to link.apple.com and enter the code that appears on the screen. Keep in mind that you will then have someone else’s Apple Music account on the set-top box, but if you’re not using it you can safely delete the app from memory.

By the way, Apple does not limit the number of devices connected to a subscription with one Apple ID, so there is no need to use Apple Music on PS5 at all – you can listen to music on an iPhone, an iPad and even on a Windows computer , where the same features will be available.

How to Deactivate Your Apple Music Subscription

Cancel your subscription in advance to avoid being charged later:

1. Select Subscriptions and then Apple ID.
2. Click on ‘Cancel trial subscription’ at the bottom and then click on ‘Confirm’.

At the top you will see the date until which you can use Apple Music. Now you can use it without having to think about possible debit of money. This is important to do because they remain deleted even in iOS 17.2.
Apple Music offers new users a free trial of up to 6 months. You can take advantage of this offer to try out the service before signing up for a paid subscription. When purchasing certain devices, you can safely count on a six-month subscription to Apple’s popular music streaming service.

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Devices eligible for the offer:

If you own one of the following devices, you can take advantage of this offer.
Audio devices:
1. AirPods Pro
2. AirPods (2nd and 3rd generation)
3. AirPodsMax
4. HomePod
5. HomePod mini
6. BeatsFit Pro
7. Beats Studio Buds
8. Power beats
9. Powerbeats Pro
10. Beats Solo Pro
11. Beats Studio Buds+
12. Beats Studio Pro

When you start your free trial, Apple Music’s auto-renewal feature will be turned on by default. After your free trial expires, you will be automatically charged $10.99 per month without any prompt. To avoid being charged, set your alarm to cancel before your free trial expires.

If you are thinking about switching to another music streaming service and are afraid for the safety of your music collection, then in this case, use a special application MusConv with which you can easily and simply transfer your playlists from a new music streaming service to another.

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