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Resso is a music streaming app that was relatively recently created in China. Its author was a company that created a popular video service and became in 2021 the most promising startup not only in China, but throughout the world. Just like accessing TikTok, the app looks so intuitive, full of visuals, that it doesn’t get boring. And it’s only natural that loyal TikTok users quickly adapted to Resso.

The Resso music catalog at this initial stage is still inferior to existing players. Searching for songs outside of the pop, rock, and hip-hop genres isn’t as rich as Spotify or YouTube Music. Previously, the company was in the process of signing contracts with three global labels: Universal, Sony and Warner regarding music licensing.

Interestingly, you can add a list of songs you like, share your own song along with selected lyrics on other social media platforms. Before uploading, you can choose which parts of the song, be it the intro, verse or chorus, you want to share. If you plan to put your own song on the streaming service, you will need to fill out an official application form.

You can also choose a font effect, change the background of the song’s cover art with a selection of videos, or download content from the internal gallery. Self-actualization activities will undoubtedly be the highest for Generation Z.

We can say that this ability for users is relatively new and has not been introduced by any existing music streaming service.

 Can I Upload My Song On Resso

In India, which is also Resso’s target market, this feature is also provided by local music streaming app Gaana.

Another thing that Resso introduced is the insertion of social media features. You can comment on your favorite songs and chat with other users in the same column.

Like most music streaming apps, Resso is a paid app. In terms of price, it’s a bit cheaper with Spotify’s offerings, but the same as YouTube Music’s and Joox’s offerings.

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There is a free trial for 14 days before upgrading to premium. You only get charged one month (30-day free trial) after signing into your billing account, either with Google Wallet or with credit.

To become a premium user, Resso offers an unlimited selection of songs. You can download songs without ads, without restrictions and with high quality audio tracks. This proposal is not much different from others.

Users only see how complete the Resso catalog is and how the app gets smarter by providing song recommendations according to preferences. A more complete catalog will lead people to the transition. To this streaming platform from other music streaming services.

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