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In this era of technology, people treat themselves with good quality music as the scope for entertainment is becoming less day by day. To treat us well, whenever we feel like having some space for ourselves, we lean down in our own corners and listen to our favorite tunes. As the internet is not a thing to worry about, there are several music streaming apps which help ur to listen to our favorite tunes, Spotify is one of them.

Starting from the year 2008, Spotify has now access to more than 50 million tracks. It provides a search option for its users based on artist, genre, songs, playlists, etc. Regular Spotify users cannot download all songs they listen to, whereas, the premium users get this facility without any hesitation. The service of Spotify is available throughout the globe and can be accessible to any device whether that is a Linux, Windows, or macOS. It can also be used in smartphones or Tablets having Android or iOS. As per the information till April 2020, the monthly active users of the app are 286 million which includes 130 million paid subscribers.

Since its birth, it has updated itself for the betterment of its users. In the recent Beta version, it has opened up with its new features to the users who are also singers or music artists with a few options. In this version, artists can upload their work directly on Spotify which allows them to add more versatility to their work.

How Does it Work?

Artists can directly upload their creations in this app. Not only this, before uploading, but they will also be able to see the preview of the song exactly the way it appears to the listeners. They can plan for their song release without any hassle. In the case of live sharing, they can also have some control over the output. When the music lovers’ stream for any particular music of any specific artist, the artist gets paid for his/her creation. Moreover, uploading songs to Spotify is free of cost.

How to start in?

Currently, the app is working with a limited number of US artists. After the successful completion of the testing season, it will call upon all other artists to start working in this service. The artists are asked to join the mailing list of the service provider so that they do not miss any news or upcoming service.

How you can Play Music from Spotify?

If you want to play music on Spotify, you have to have the app on your device. You can download the app from a web-based on your laptop or mobile operating system. Spotify app is compatible with windows, Linux, IOS, and Android. Which means you can use the app in any device you have. Now, let’s get to know about how you can play music from the app.

From Desktop:

When you are using Spotify from your desktop pc, the steps you need to follow are as follows-

  1. You need to tun on the desktop app or web player of Spotify on your computer.
  2. Link on the SEARCH button to get your desired songs.
  3. When you get the song, click on the “Play” button or,
  4. Double click the track name or
  5. You can also click on the playlist from “BROWSE” or
  6. Another way is, to click on the green button below the name of the artist, playlist title, or album.

If you are using Mobile or Tablet, you may use the following steps to listen to music-

  1. First, open Spotify app in your preferred device
  2. You can use the “SEARCH” option to find out your desired songs.
  3. You may use the “SHUFFLE” button to shuffle the song list or click on the “PLAY” button for the android or green play button for iOS.

If you have the premium version of Spotify, you may listen to the songs clicking on each song or the first song of the list. For future use, you can save your playlist to Your Library.

There are two steps for downloading music from Spotify. One step is if you already know what to listen and another step is for those who do not know what songs they want to listen to.