Useful Spotify Services

Spotify doesn’t need ads. This streaming music service is known to music lovers all over the world. Moreover, its leadership in the global music streaming market is undeniable so far. Of course, many competitors are trying to reach and surpass the Swedish development (Spotify comes from Sweden). But so far they haven’t succeeded at all.

But not all fans of the Swedish music giant know all the features of their favorite service. It’s time to talk about sites and services that help you find new music, create playlists in a special way, see what other people around the world are listening to, and much more. This collection mainly contains relatively recent services for Spotfiy, which may not be known to everyone. However, there are also classic, but literally obligatory services.

Whisperify is a music quiz where you are the participant and the topic of the questions is songs from your library. Whisperify randomly selects songs according to given parameters and offers to guess the track by its small segment. The time to guess each segment is limited, so you need to think quickly. If the task seems difficult, you can make it so that the correct answer has to be chosen from four options – this makes it a little easier (even too easy).

Spotify World Map is an interactive world map where you can listen to the most played song of the day on Spotify in a given country. Not all countries are supported. However, this is not so important, because it is much more interesting to find out which tracks are trending in other countries and to clearly hear how musical preferences differ depending on the country.

Dubolt is a service for finding new artists based on the ones you already know. Dubolt allows you to specify multiple artists or specific songs and get an automatically generated playlist of songs that the user might like. The created playlist can be adjusted using the sliders – make the tracks in it calmer or faster, select their mood and other parameters.

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The Spotify Release List service shows you all the new albums, singles and compilations featuring the artists you follow. The update happens directly from the Spotify database every few minutes – you won’t be able to miss the latest releases with all your desire. This includes albums where the artist you’re following only has a co-authorship on a song.

Timelineify is a service for creating a playlist from an artist’s complete discography available on Spotify. It literally generates a playlist with all the artist’s tracks in ten seconds. After generation, it is possible to exclude singles from it, as well as sort from new songs to old ones if necessary. And, of course, the created playlist can be saved here to your Spotify collection.

Paradify is a small but very useful extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to save tracks to Spotify directly from YouTube. Of course, saving occurs only if the composition is present in Spotify. Tracks are saved to a separate playlist called Paradify Playlist.

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