«We Will Rock You» Returns In 2023

Are you a fan of the legendary band Queen, love rock and roll and theater? The musical «We Will Rock You» is the right mix that contains what you are looking for, all in a show to the rhythm of Queen hits, between emotions, laughter and messages full of hope.

After years of waiting, «We Will Rock You» returns to the stage with a new line-up. «We Will Rock You» is based on the original show written and produced by Ben Elton in collaboration with Roger Taylor and Brian May. The music and songs are original, sung in English and performed live by an outstanding band over a two and a half hour show.

The rock opera «We Will Rock You» has a special setting. We are talking about the future, exactly 300 years later in a place that was once called the Earth, and now has become the Planet Mall, a victim of total globalization. A bleak future where rock and live music are banned and their followers go into hiding. Some consonance with the world in which we live, without the opportunity to listen to your favorite performers live, is undeniable.

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How not to get involved in a story in which society is a victim of total globalization and is dominated by a transnational corporation that controls not only music, but also people’s lives. The struggle for freedom, a story full of hope, love and passion for music, awareness of its saving power.

The cast succeeded in improving the content and highlighting the urgency of issues such as social exclusion, bullying, global warming, cultural homogenization and the oppressive daily presence of the Internet and the dominance of virtuality in everyone’s lives.

«We Will Rock You» – the musical was able to captivate an extremely transgender audience. After the extraordinary success of the public and critics of the previous release, which recorded about 65 000 paying viewers at 56 performances across Europe, «We Will Rock You» has every chance of being one of the main characters of 2023.

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