What A DJ Should Know

Today, DJing has become a popular profession. Every year the number of musical events of various directions with the participation of DJs is growing. Despite two years of almost complete absence of live performances and musical parties, which was caused by the pandemic, today the global music industry is rapidly recovering from the crisis.

The profession of a DJ will allow not only self-realization, but also a relatively good income. A good DJ is appreciated always and everywhere. What do you need to know for those who are just about to enter this wonderful world?

The most important professional quality for a DJ should be the ability to sensitively feel all the wishes of the audience and the ability to quickly respond to them. A DJ must be sensitive to the musical tastes of his listeners. This is the main rule.

It’s not an easy task, and we certainly won’t please everyone, but we have to choose the repertoire in such a way that we don’t alienate anyone and that everyone can find something for themselves. With themed events, where, for example, a certain musical genre is played in a given club, it is easier, but if we do not want to label ourselves and get more orders, we must be more open and flexible.

It is also important to be open, sociable and assertive at the same time. Remember that it is up to you to control the mixing console, not the guests, so the corresponding psychological predispositions with stress resistance are indicated here.

You can also become a first-class specialist in the world of DJs, i.e. be a so-called scraper. He uses appropriate specialized players and devices configured and connected to the software on the computer, with the help of which he scratches with sound, i.e. dynamically and skillfully manipulates a short fragment of a work, which he mixes in such a way that they form a single coherent whole.

Our DJ console, consisting of individual elements, will be the main equipment on which we will work. In the middle, of course, we will have a mixer with push-button faders, and players on the sides. A mixer consists of channel faders, usually located at the bottom of the mixer. These are sliders that are used to decrease the volume or increase the volume of the original signal. Faders in DJ mixers are usually short so that the DJ can quickly mute or turn up the volume of a track.

Of course, the mixer has a crossfader function that allows you to simultaneously mute the music on one channel and boost the volume on the other channel. Thanks to this decision, we will smoothly transition from song to song. Players, as the name suggests, will play the audio that the mixer sends to the speakers.

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Without a laptop, it will also be difficult for us to move around, because it is there that we can have the entire library of our songs.

To become a professional DJ, we definitely need to prepare properly. And the matter will not only be in the purchase of equipment, but, above all, in learning how to effectively manage everything.

In addition, we must be aware of the repertoire, know all the news and current trends, and at the same time be familiar with the old repertoire. It is also good to have a DJ course or an internship with an experienced DJ.

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting and interesting work, but it requires an appropriate predisposition. Therefore, it is intended for real music lovers who not only love parties and loud music, but above all, they will be able to hold a party musically and entertain a cheerful audience.

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