What Albums Are Coming Out In March 2022?

In the modern music industry, it is sometimes very difficult to keep track of important and significant events that will not leave music fans indifferent. But the most significant announcements of albums and singles are on everyone’s lips. But with those artists who are not always at the top, but at the same time are loved by many, not everything is so simple.

We will tell you about some representatives of the world of music who are known to most fans of real music, and their albums and tracks were released in March 2022.

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  • Black Country, New Road “Ants from Up There”. Last year, the British band became one of the most interesting and notable debuts of the year – first of all, it favorably differed from its colleagues in that they decided to add klezmer, the traditional music of Eastern European Jews, to the bored post-punk. Judging by the already published three songs from the album, “Ants from Up There” will be much calmer, and the main emphasis will be placed on the lyrics full of metaphors and references of the vocalist Isaac Woods, who managed to leave the band just a few days before the release. It is all the more interesting that musically Black Country, New Road began to resemble the best representatives of Canadian and British indie in the face of Sunset Rubdown and Los Campesinos by the second album – in combination with lyrics about Britain after Brexit, they make exceptional songs.
  • Mitski “Laurel Hell”. In the four years since the release of Be the Cowboy, Mitsuki Miyawaki has gone from big indie star to little pop star and TikTok darling. Tickets for her concerts in American theaters are already worth a lot of money – and the new album “Laurel Hell” is designed to strengthen these positions. The singles take Miyawaki somewhere in the direction of the eighties: there is synth-pop with the obligatory keyboard solo, and a lot of nods towards Bruce Springsteen. Texts about broken hearts on both sides, too, however, have not gone away. One of Mitsuki’s greatest strengths, universally sad lyrics that are so easy to put on, will continue to help heal the wounds of many fans and admirers.
  • Big Thief “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You”. In just six years, Big Thief has grown from an interesting indie band into one of the main American bands – that’s what happens when you call your debut album Masterpiece. It was not a masterpiece, but it was full of nice songs – since then, the group, led by Adrianna Lenker, has tried to take the listener not only in quality, but also in quantity: their previous two albums, “U.F.O.F” and “Two Hands”, came out with a difference of six months and were completely different. After a double solo album, Lenker also releases an almost one and a half hour album by her group – and this is folk rock of the highest quality and attention to detail. Big Thief justify their title of the main people in indie rock with the help of amazingly crafted and very interesting songs.
  • Spoon “Lucifer on the Sofa”. The American band Spoon does not need to prove anything – they approached their tenth album, released five years after the previous, pretty “Hot Thoughts”, in the status of classics of American indie music, which really did not release a passing record. The first single, “The Hardest Cut”, was surprising in that it was old-fashioned blues-rock, but the second, “Wild”, was much calmer and was also produced by restless producer Jack Antonoff.

Of course, a lot more tracks and albums came out during this period. But it is simply impossible to describe everything, so we talked about the most significant events in the music world during this time.

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