What Apps BTS Use?

BTS became mega-popular not only in Korea, in their homeland, but also in many countries of the world on all continents. Today it is difficult to imagine an artist or a group, no matter what country they are from, without expanding their influence on the worldwide web. These can be not only broadcasts on world and regional music streaming services, but also their own blogs, pages on social networks and their own applications. And in this regard, the mega-popular South Korean group BTS is no exception at all.

A couple of years ago, BTS released their own game, ‘BTS World’, which was co-created with South Korea’s largest gaming company, Netmarble. Apparently, it also includes new songs from the boy band. The guys work very hard, delight and inspire their fans. The game will allow fans to feel like managers of guys and build their career at their own discretion.

Mydol is a popular mobile app that allows users to receive messages from celebrities. There are several messaging themes on the app, including FB Messenger, Kakao Talk, and more. Fans can also send a message to the idol and he might reply. The service is available in English, Thai, Vietnamese and several other languages.

The Weverse app is a global fan community platform created by a company that is a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. Fans try to stick to the diverse forms of communication that take place on BTS Weverse.

“Pitu” is a mobile application that is an excellent photo editor. This application first appeared in China. Despite the fact that it was a Chinese application, its distribution was like a virus. Chinese fans of K-pop culture told their Korean idols about the new fun and, naturally, they in turn literally lost their heads over it.

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And how can you not show interest in such an unusual idea, because thanks to this application you can try on various images, as well as create a unique portrait. The peak of Pitu’s popularity began when BTS started posting their retouched photos.

Instagram, of course, is one of the main channels that contribute to the popularity of Korean guys. Fans from all over the world actively subscribe to them and follow new events in the life of the group.

Parasocial relationships – basically a one-way relationship between a fan and a famous person or group they feel close to via social media – are all over the internet. And the companies behind some of the biggest K-pop groups in particular and BTS are discovering a new way to monetize them. They have developed online platforms to make K-pop fans feel like they have direct access to their favorite idols. This approach helps shape how fans interact with the idol as a form of friendship.

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