What Are Beatport Recommendations?

It’s no secret that the Beatport service has long and confidently maintained its reputation as one of the most used and popular platforms among DJs that sell licensed music.

Beatport is one of the few online retailers that has understood what content marketing is all about: to be a reference, a constant support resource for your potential customers, offering them the most relevant information and content so that they associate the niche you sell in with yours. brand.

As part of this content marketing strategy, Beatport makes extensive use of newsletters as email is still one of the best sales channels, but they always try to align these newsletters with interesting events, special occasions or whatever campaign they run. This allows them to maintain a high level of interest in their content and be almost always up to date.

Beatport also makes heavy use of product recommendations, another great tool we have if we want to make all the products in our catalog visible. This is if Beatport takes the concept of music recommendations a step further than usual, using two recommendation systems:

  1. Recommendations based on past purchases and behavior of other users. That is to say, it is personalized recommendations based on your behavior, a strategy that we know works very well in most e-commerce situations.
  2. Recommendations based on artists and labels (My Beatport) that interest you the most. Beatport lets you follow both artists and labels, so any new songs that come out in association with the artist or label you’re interested in are recommended as they’re released.

Ultimately, Beatport is getting a lot of ingenuity by offering multiple product search options, and in doing so, transforms itself from an online store into a must-have resource for many DJs. That’s why it can afford to be one of the most expensive online music download stores and still continue to monopolize a very good and growing market share.

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Beatport is a great online store for downloadable products (dj-ready music) as well as a great example of e-commerce that has become an essential tool for buyers in its niche. By cooperating with this service and purchasing music and songs from it, any DJ can be completely sure that he will not have problems using the purchased musical content in his activities.

It is much more than just an online music store. The service tries to become an ideal tool for DJs and to simplify their already difficult creative work as much as possible.

Many of the methods and tools that Beatport uses are portable to other eCommerce environments and that is why we wanted to use them as an example to give ideas on strategies we can use in eCommerce to improve our sales, but above all to be able to offer enough added value to avoid constant price competition.

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